Mineral Oils Acidity (TAN) & Alkalinity (TBN)

mineral oils acidityPhosLube – Mineral Oils Acidity and Alkalinity – Total Acid Number & Total Base Number

White Mineral Oils Acidity – Total Acid Number:

The Total Acid Number (TAN) can be a good reference point when determining the quality of white mineral oils.  Determining the TAN helps indicate whether or not chemicals/additives that were used during the refining process are still present. Oxidation within white mineral oils can also create an acidic environment. However, it is nearly impossible to remove organic acid completely. In order to prevent possible corrosion when being used with certain applications, the TAN must meet certain specifications.

White Mineral Oils Alkalinity – Total Base Number:

The Total Base Number (TBN) is used for quality control since white mineral oil tends to contain alkaline based ingredients. Finding the base number helps determine the presence of these ingredients. The amounts of these ingredients are typically determined via acid titration.