White Oil – Mineral Oil Analysis

mineral oil analysisPhosLube – White Oil – Mineral Oil Analysis

White oil (or Mineral Oil) are known for being colorless and odorless. If there is color present, it is a very light shade of yellow that sometimes is so discrete that the human eye cannot detect it. They are produced from petroleum fractions withe an emphasis on viscosity. However, there are a variety of test methods that help determine mineral oil quality. These oils are in the lubricating oil class mainly due to their boiling ranges and carbon content. These oils are generally used for technical or pharmaceutical purposes. Technical white oils are used primarily as transformer oil. I.e., transformers, switches, power cables, and more delicate cable applications. Transformer oils act as a heat transferring mechanism that assist with maintaining certain operating temperatures. Pharmaceutical mineral oils go through more refining than any other petroleum product. Since these oils are made for pharmaceutical purposes it is critical that they do not contain any contents that can can be harmful. Olefins and aromatics are toxic to insects, therefore white oils can also be used as insecticide sprays.