Mineral Oils Composition

mineral oils composition

PhosLube – Mineral Oils Composition

Mineral oils composition analysis is geared toward detection of aromatics and poly-nuclear aromatics within the sample. Even the smallest presence of carcinogenic poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons can cause serious complications. This analysis is typically performed via ultraviolet absorbance. Infrared spectroscopy can help determine a significant amount of information about mineral oil composition. When oil deteriorates other properties tend to form. These properties tend to be potential carcinogens. Composition testing helps detect these properties and is can be very helpful when dealing with working oils. Infrared spectrum testing can detect aromaticity and antioxidants within mineral oils as well. Composition testing is very broad. Molecular analysis or clay gel analysis is an example. This particular type of analysis separates oil into different molecular species. This, along with several other specifications can fall under composition. Some of these include spectrometry, dilution, water %, viscosity, TAN, TBN, and more.