Industrial lubricants

industrial lubricant analysis

Industrial Lubricant Analysis

Typically, oils made for machinery are used in a controlled environment, such as a manufacturing facility, meaning they aren’t exposed to heating, cooling, and contamination issues like oils used for engines. High and low temperature viscosity is not as important because of the neutral operating temperatures. High performance oil is needed to lubricate modern machinery. These oils are sometimes referred to as slide-way lubricants. However, high viscosity index and low pour point can be provided if the same oil doubles as hydraulic oil. Industrial lubricants range from motor oils, turbine oils, marine oils, greases, silicone’s, foaming oils, hydraulic oils, brake oils, and oils intended for cutting, grinding, and metal working. PhosLube Petroleum Laboratories specializes in all industrial lubricant analysis, putting a strong emphasis on turn around times and service.