Turbine Oil

turbine oil analysis

Turbine Oil Analysis

A turbine oil is used to lubricate the bearings and auxiliary machinery in steam and hydraulic turbines, turbo-pumps, and in air, gas, and refrigeration turbo-compressors. Turbine oils are also used as lubricants and working fluids in various types of closed-cycle industrial machinery. Turbine oils are highly refined petroleum distillate oils obtained from low-sulfur waxfree crudes or sulfurous paraffinic crudes and contain various additives, such as oxidation inhibitors, anti-corrosion agents, demulsifiers, foam inhibitors, and, in special cases, antiwear agents. They are characterized by a high degree of oxidation stability, good anticorrosion and demulsify-ing properties, and a low foaming capacity. PhosLube performs turbine oil analysis to determine product specifications and/or maintain quality assurance.