Mineral Oils Flash Point

mineral oils flash pointPhosLube – Mineral Oils Flash Point

The flash point is the lowest temperature at atmospheric pressure at which an application of a test flame causes the vapor of the sample to ignite under certain conditions. Flash point data is important for shipping and handling purposes. Flash points are also a good indicator of volatility. The most commonly used flash point test is the closed cup. This is where the vapor is confined until a flame is applied. The open cup test does not confine the vapor, which tends to result in slightly higher results. Mineral oils flash point testing is typically performed, mainly to solidify there will be no risks of catching fire when being applied to electric transformer type applications. Determining a mineral oils volatility is also important. Volatile determination is important when dealing with rubber applications as well. Especially rubber products that are subjected to high temperatures. A distillation curve should also be used when measuring volatility.