PhosLube Petroleum Laboratories Staff

PhosLubes upper management and key personnel came over from Phoslab Environmental Services, Inc. (PES), which is located 5 minutes from PhosLube, also in Lakeland, FL. The PhosLube Petroleum Laboratories staff has been immersed in the petroleum industry for several years, enduring extensive training in petroleum based analysis and quality assurance using industry standard methods, such as ASTM. Along with being highly educated and highly skilled, PhosLubes personnel excel in providing prompt and personalized service to every client.  PhosLubes environmental counterpart, PES, has been successful over the past 48 years due to a constant emphasis on core characteristics like prompt response times, accurate results, quality assurance, quick turn arounds, and exceptional customer service. The PhosLube staff believes in those same core characteristics and aims to exceed expectations.