Mineral Oils Aniline Point

mineral oils aniline pointPhosLube – Mineral Oils Aniline Point

The Aniline Point determines the hydrocarbon composition of a particular oil. More aromatics are typically present when there is a low aniline point. This analysis is used more for technical white mineral oils, not for pharmaceutical grade. In technical oil, the aniline point is used to measure refinement levels and base stock types. An increase in aniline point indicates a higher level of refinement. A higher aniline point usually means the oil stability is higher as well. Aniline points are advantageous when it comes to white mineral oil intended for use as an insecticide spray. This is mostly due to the fact that aromatics tend to cause damage to plants. Determining the aniline point is important for white mineral oils intended for technical/electrical application. Aromatic content could directly affect oxidation if it’s too high.