Kerosene type/Narrow Cut Jet Fuel

Kerosene-type jet fuels are mostly used for commercial aircrafts and military turbojet aircrafts. The most commonly used kerosene-type grade in the United States for commercial use is the Jet A fuel. Outside of the United States the Jet A-1 fuel is preferred. The main difference between the 2 fuels are the freezing points. The flash point is an important element of kerosene-type jet fuel as well. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a fuel will form enough vapor to where it can be ignited. Smoke point is also very important. Smoke in an engine exhaust is typically a sign of unburned hydrocarbons. More smoke leads to more soot, and more soot leads to a decrease in overall engine efficiency. The smoke point is measured by burning a sample of fuel in a special kerosene lamp.