About Us

PhosLube Petroleum Laboratories, Inc. was established in October of 2013 to service the petroleum industry, mainly in (but not limited to) the southeastern United States. PhosLube is located in Lakeland, FL, between Tampa and Orlando.

At first glance, PhosLube seems like a relatively new entity, but on the contrary, it is far from that. PhosLube ownership and core staff came over from Phoslab Environmental Services, Inc. (PES), which is located 5 minutes from PhosLube, also in Lakeland, FL. The PhosLube staff has been immersed in the petroleum industry for several years, enduring extensive training in petroleum based analysis and quality control/quality assurance using industry standard methods, such as ASTM. PhosLube was established primarily to service the petroleum and petrochemical industries. PhosLube specializes in analyzing all types of lubricants, motor oils, fuels, crudes, petrochemicals, alternative fuels, and other petroleum products.

PhosLube’s environmental counterpart, PES, is a NELAP certified independent laboratory that can cover a full range of environmental analysis. PES was established in 1965 and has been serving phosphate and environmental industries since. For more information on PES, visit here www.phoslab.com.